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EMPA provides premium video contents for broadcast: Our magazines provide a wide range of motorsport content for broadcasters looking to feature the essence of motorsport - compact and insightful!


GP Confidential

GP Confidential

Explore the sporting secrets of F1. Across 25 episodes and in crisp 3D animations, we analyze the technical details which decide which teams make the most of the 2022 rules - and which are back to the drawing board. Complemented by exclusive on historical milestones and race previews - GP Confidential is the perfect treat for any F1 fan.

Dive into F1 with GP Confidential!

The F1 Insighter magazine



Your weekly motor/racing update - distilled into one half-hour programme.

Covering everything from prototypes to endurance racing, karting to airplanes and even some real oddities… With both tradition and a fresh take on motorsport, Fast/Zone is the ultimate resource for everything that's fast and fascinating!

The wide world of motor/sport


Going Pro...

Our latest show Going Pro is the definitive behind-the-scenes docuseries, following racer Damon Surzyshyn through his journey from grassroots motorsport to professional Touring Car and GT racecar driver.

By going “inside the helmet” we get in-depth perspectives into the dynamics of a racing career and team development, living through the ups and downs of a season not only for Damon – but his entire team.

A look inside the helmet