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Motorsports is our passion.

EMPA comes with more than 16 years of personal, in-depth experience in the marketing and distribution of motorsport content. We are familiar with the requirements, mechanisms and success factors of audiovisual communication in and around racing.

Video is a powerful tool – and with an ever-growing number of platforms, its importance is only increasing. The emergence of digital and social media has added new opportunities for brands, organizers and agencies. The continued evolution of platforms and technical features keeps adding new wrinkles to the game.

Still, at the end of the day, one mantra holds true:

Content needs distribution needs content needs distribution.

Each client, each project is different, and there is no single, patent solution. Therefore, by embracing and applying the new opportunities, we are able to communicate better and more efficiently than ever before.

Of course, a wider array of choices necessitates a more thorough analysis to define the best mix of channels, contents and timelines. At the same time, informed, data-driven choices will yield better results.

Thanks to our global network of media contacts as well as partners who are experts in their respective fields, we pair content with maximized distribution.

With a proven track record of project coordination and management, our goal is to deliver a complete service to our clients – from analysis to realization, from distribution to reporting.

This philosophy also enables us to retain an efficient and lean core structure, making a cost-intensive overhead expendable. This allows us to focus on what is important - for us, and more importantly: for our clients.