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EMPA provides premiere video contents for broadcast from major International racing events: Live Feeds, Highlight Magazines, News and Webclips: EMPA delivers footage in TV and Web quality, ready-for-broadcast or for further post-production.


ADAC TOTAL 24h-race Nürburgring

205,000 spectators. 25,378 meters. 600 pilots. 175 cars. 73 turns. 24 hours. 1 legend. The diverse grid, a passionate audience and the unique challenges of the Nordschleife guarantee drama - all the way to the final lap.


Monza Rally Show

Welcome to Valentino's home, where rally meets epic circuit meets motorsports stars! Across three days in December, Monza Parc and Circuit host a spectacular mix of motorsport stars, fun and unforgettable action under the lights - and 35,000 spectators!

Logo SimRacing

SimRacing Expo

Simracing = real Racing. As PRO drivers get invaluable track time before traveling to the actual circuit and Simracers have stepped into actual race cars - boundaries melt away. At the SimRacing Expo, we explore the world of all the racing beyond the track.